My Story


I’ve been a blogger for the past 15 years.  It’s just that blogs didn’t exist way back when, so I have a compilation of thoughts on napkins, in journals and on random hotel note pads.  I think I deserve some street credit for those early years before I discovered what an actual blog was.  I’ve always had a keen interest in writing and reflecting on life, and have finally happened upon the perfect outlet – baking, giving away food, and then writing stories about my experiences.

For years my husband told me I needed a hobby.  He would leave me sulking with our two boys for his volleyball league, golf outings, or triathlon training and I would dream of the day that I would leave him behind for something I was passionate about.  My interests were not run-of-the-mill.  I loved trampolines, water skiing, playing the piano and karaoke.  The community rec was not advertising karaoke club anytime soon and we didn’t have any friends with a boat.  We had a piano, but you try to get through a song with two small boys hovering over your hands.  And I am still lobbying for my in-ground trampoline (it’s going to happen).

Wanting to shake things up, we decided to try for a third child.  We had experienced three miscarriages before our first son, had a textbook second son and found that our attempt at a third child resulted in another miscarriage.  I have a habit of doing something moderately drastic after every miscarriage.  We adopted two cats after the first, we painted the entire downstairs in one night after the second, and we moved to Oregon after the third (for a minute, long story).  Two children and a mortgage precluded me from doing anything too drastic this time, so I demanded that my husband get a vasectomy and decided that I needed to learn how to make pie.  I loved to bake, but was missing that one important item in my repertoire.

A baby blog was born (Pie Eyed) with the intention of simply recording my recipes until I accomplished what I had set out to do – make the best pie ever.  It wasn’t long until I was baking more pie than I could (or should) eat, so I began giving it away to people as a way to thank them.  Before I knew it I was accepting invitations into people’s lives to hear their stories in exchange for the pie I gave them.  I called my movement Pie it Forward and found healing through helping. With each gesture, it became evident that not only was this small extension of gratitude helping me, but it was fixing a part of the recipient as well.

Pie Eyed was intended to be about pie, but a few years later I found that I was gravitating towards writing more stories than pie recipes.  The word “fix” had become so central to my life and on a sleepy plane ride home from a work trip, the words populated my busy mind and I knew it was time.  Fix food.  Serve people. The natural extension of Pie Eyed and the exact perfect hobby for me.

Welcome to Fix.Serve.  A place where I hope to share a love of baking, a passion for helping and the enthusiasm for trying to live this one life as passionately as possible.


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