Food For Thought

I have a habit of thinking.  Like, A LOT.  My mind is like the ticker bar beneath the CNN news report – a stream of information running through at any given moment.  I talk to myself in a constant narrative, taking notice of the world around me and mulling over interesting dynamics that strike me as notable.  I have blog posts that I’ve been silently writing for months, but there is always a tipping point when I know it’s time to organize my thoughts and send them into the universe.

Below are some essays from my previous blog that have been more meaningful to me and I anticipate many more random thoughts to populate this blog!

The Privilege of Helping – a friend’s lung transplant spurs on some thoughts about the privilege of helping

The Kind of Eyes – remembering those whose eyes spoke louder than their words

My Kind of Entertaining – thoughts on my love of using my house and filling it with people

The Wallpaper Factor – reflections on 12 years of marriage and self esteem

Kid Cliffhanger – after a fourth miscarriage, the realization that I might not ever have any closure

Lose Yourself in Someone Else’s Loss – becoming aware of how we respond to someone else’s loss

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