The Thing About Pie


Goodness I love food.  I’ll eat anything, but when it comes to fixing food, you’ll find me in the baking department.  I’ve never taken a liking to cooking and in fact, I find it pretty underwhelming.  I mean, you lay out the ingredients and that’s pretty much what you’re going to get after it’s cooked.  I identify more closely with baking.  You bring all of these basic, unappealing ingredients together and through the magic of chemistry, the sum of all of these ordinary parts produces something totally different and amazing.

Ask me to bake, and I’ll make you a pie.  I keep a pie blog with my friend Christie over at Pie Eyed where you can go and find lots of good pie recipes.  But it’s here on Fix Serve that I blog about my passion for bringing people together through making and sharing food.

So why pie?

  • Pie keeps my mind light and surrounds me with comfort and good feelings.
  • Pie is timeless, unfussy and reminds me to keep things simple.
  • Pie reminds me that beauty is on the inside.
  • Pie inspires gathering – you can’t eat one alone.
  • Pie gives us something to agree on in a world where our differences are dividing us.
  • Pie creates a place for people where the world stays simple and we talk about things that are interesting, beautiful and delicious.

Like what’s under a pie crust, there is more going on underneath all of us than meets the eye. This is why pie is so important to me. Making pie and sharing it has uncovered connections and relationships that would have never been possible otherwise. That’s the thing about pie.

My Favorite Pie Recipes

Best of Both Worlds Pie Crust

Apple Sour Cherry Pie

Salted Honey Pie

Peach Sour Cherry Pie (in a jar!)


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