Step Into the Awkward Mess

I’ve been staring at a blank screen trying to figure out how to start this.  This blank screen is just another iteration of the silent paralysis I have been exercising for years around the topic of racism. Admittedly, my silence is an example of why we are where we are today. I vehemently reject racism….

Not What I Expected: How School Changed My Relationship With My Son

I stumbled upon this picture recently and it stopped me in my tracks. It represents the moment everything changed between me and my son. Our relationship has a clear delineation of life “before school” and life “after school” with school being present for the majority of the time. This photo shows the final moment before…

How to Raise a Quitter

We are a house divided right now.  My seventh grade son wants to quit wrestling mid-season and it has caused a major dilemma among us. The entire situation started off on the wrong foot. He joined wrestling because he wanted to prove to his friends that he was not weak.  Red flag number one.  In…

My Last Facebook Birthday

This year marks ten years since I have brought social media into my life. I remember the day I joined Facebook.  It was 2008.  I was sitting on a hotel floor pumping while away at a conference shortly after having my second child. My coworker was telling me all about this thing called Facebook and…

Welcome to Fix. Serve.

Fix Food.  Serve Others. There’s an idea brewing here.  A new community for those who love to fix food and fix problems.  Intrigued?  Sign up to be one of the first subscribers for when we go live in a few short weeks!  I can promise you you’ll be fed in more ways than one.