About Fix Serve

Fix food.  Serve others.  Welcome to the intersection where food and life tangle in the most perfect mashup of things I love.  Pie and people.


Fix Food

I’m an enthusiastic baker and my poison is pie.  A few years ago,  I set out to teach myself to make pie and embarked on a non-stop baking tear that resulted in some amazing pastry skills and a pie blog I call Pie Eyed.  Making pie quieted my mind and inadvertently created  space for self reflection.  Spending time in that space helped me realize that I was more broken than I thought from a string of miscarriages and that I was really just trying to distract myself with this baking frenzy. Fixing food was beginning to help me fix myself.  For the long version, make your way over to the My Story page to learn more about me.  Visit the Recipes page for some of my favorite pies.

Serve Others

After making pie for a year straight, not only had I gained too much weight, but we simply had too much pie around the house.  Still wanting to practice, I began baking and giving it away to people.  I was nervous at first – how does one explain why they are giving away pie for no reason?  But that was the beauty of what I was doing.  There was no big event or reason to bake someone pie – it was simply a gesture of gratitude woven into daily living.  Giving away food became a way for me to look outward and think of others. The experience was far from transactional.  Each time I gave someone pie, a conversation ensued and a story unfolded.  Food was a catalyst for opening hearts and building relationships. Visit the Served Stories page to read some of my stories about giving away food and stay tuned to this blog as I continue my hobby of giving and sharing food with people. Mostly pie. 🙂

Join Me

Making food for people is a simple yet powerful exercise through which we can begin to see others first. There’s something about food that no other item can replace.  Food cultivates genuine sharing and human exchanges in the most unexpected ways. I challenge you to try it and see what happens. Start with your neighbor.  Expand your horizons to the person at the grocery store that is always so nice to you.  There are endless possibilities for spreading kindness and happiness through sharing a piece of yourself in the food you make.

Welcome to Fix Serve. We fix food, we serve people, and ultimately, we feed ourselves in more ways than one.

Apple pie w candles


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